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I'm currently getting to master the tune The Charlesworth Hornpipe on anglo. This tune I consider one of the hardest and interesting 'new Old English Hornpipes, (for me at least) I play.

I was wondering if anyone had any pointers or links to these old type of tunes. Be it Digital files, CDs, Videos or indeed anything that I may listen to...

I play by ear, so a software to slow down recordings and\or transpose would also be a fantastic help.

Thanks for reading, FREDDY



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You can download the hornpipe tune book John of the Green Cheshire Way in abc format. Download the ABC Explorer software (free) and you can play the tunes back at any speed you like ...


Pete. :)


Thanks a million for your help Pete..! This is a treasure trove of tunes. The software is also a gem.

Are there any more fans of this style of music that play it on anglo? I don't seem to see much discussion on the theads.


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I'll let the anglo players speak for themselves ;) I play quite a lot of hornpipes but more dotted 4/4 tunes than 3/2. You may find a tune or two you like in this thread.


I like the 3/2 hornpipes too, and their distinctive slippery sound. I recorded a few Northumbrian tune sets back in 2005/06 (when I was playing Anglo), including two 3/2 hornpipes:

Jamie Allen / Rusty Gully

Lamshaw's Fancy / Lads of Alnwick

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