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Bookbinders Education and Training Conference

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I wondered whether to post this in the Education section or here in Construction and Repair. I caught this link in a bookbinding suppliers site and copy here the first paragraph or so of the conference below.


Unfortunately, I'm just about to head off on holiday so don't have time to find out more about this conference and the first topic listed, but perhaps someone can check out whether this is about concertinas as we know them?


As many here will know, bookbinding skills are at the heart of concertina bellows making so there's a good chance this is relevant?


"25th - 28th August 2011

*The Society of Bookbinders Education & Training Conference at the University of Warwick




The Society of Bookbinders' eighteenth biennial Education & Training Conference will be returning to the University of Warwick. The university is 80 miles north-west of London. It lies approximately 7 miles from the towns of Royal Leamington Spa and Warwick, with its medieval castle, and 15 miles from Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Coventry city centre with its famous Cathedral is just 3 miles away.


The Society is pleased to introduce some speakers to the Conference for the first time and looks forward to welcoming members and non-members to what is believed will be a most interesting, diverse and enjoyable conference.



Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo (Italy) - Challenging Concertinas a binding structure with multiple applications

Clare Bryan - Scalpel Drawing Structures (see 'The New Bookbinder' vol. 30)

Mark Cockram - Alchemy of the Book

Maureen Duke - Binding Sheet Music & Other Flat Material

etc.......... (There are many other papers listed)"


Alex West

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Hm. Does this actually refer to 'concertinas' or a way of binding books? If you go to, say, eBay and type in 'concertina' in the search box you get all sorts of 'concertinas' (including books, handbags, etc.). I suspect that it is unlikely to be a lecture on our beloved instrument, but I could be wrong!



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Maybe they'll be playing a selection of tunes such as



News Of The Victory,

Paperback Writer,

the theme from Much Binding In The Marsh,

Come Write Me Down, etc. etc. (all aboard!)


I've got a Google Alert set up for 'low whistle', and it's amazing how many characters in on-line fiction give a low whistle as a generic way of expressing surprise. I suspect this is a similar case. If only there was some simple way of checking ...

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