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Philadelphia-area Music

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The Philly area has a varied Irish scene - I've spent some time there lately owing to having a close friend there. There's Sunday at the Plough and Stars (I think that's the name). I went once and was too intimidated to reveal my concertina case, but I'm told it is actually a welcoming and not too expert session. I did go on a Saturday at Fergie's and they pushed me (very very good players) but I kept up at times and they were very nice to me. There has been a Friday night one at the Commodore Barry club, the local Irish social club; it's format has varied off and on. I haven't been to that one. I have been to Thursday night in Audubon, New Jersey. It is a big group some weeks, level varies, friendly but can be chaotic when you have 20+ people. (Funny how this is one enterprise where more people doesn't always mean more success!) All of these are listed on www.thesession.org web site.


I haven't encountered any English sessions (anywhere I've been in the U.S., actually) but that doesn't mean there aren't any musicians around who specialize in that.


Send me a private message (or whatever we call them now) and I can put you in touch with someone who knows the Irish scene and many of the folks in it.



western Penna.

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