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FS 20key Anglo with accidentals + other items


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Other events, not relevant here, caused me to stop and think and led to the decision to concentrate on fiddle for my melody playing and to try to develop my extremely limited piano skills into something useful for accompaniment/backup.

So, sadly, decided to turn my back on the anglo.


Can't quite face selling my favourite rosewood 20key yet, but I have listed on Ebay..........


A mahogany steel-reeded 20 key Lachenal anglo in good playing order with some unusual aspects. It has the crucial C# for playing D tunes and also the nearby Bb. It also has the left hand G row G/A reeds reversed for the reversal that's normally on the accidentals row. (This alteration is a five minute job to revert to standard.)



A 20 key brass reeded Lachenal anglo for restoration


John Williams "Learn to play Irish Concertina" instructional DVD



"The Seaman's Concertina" John Townley's instructional DVD, "in the nautical style"



Bertram Levy's book "Anglo Concertina demystified"


Book from Mel Bay the "All-American Concertina Album"




Donation to concertina.net will follow sales, but please do let me know if you are a c.net member.


A 26 key Lachenal anglo will follow, but needs some work before I list it.


Many thanks to you all for your wisdom, knowledge, guidance and entertainment whilst I've been a regular visitor here.

I'll be calling by in future, but not so often as before.




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