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A moan

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Hmm, seems even the ghosts around here are hyper-critical -- 'brought the curtain down!!!'

Okay, I KNOW we're not great. But, we were playing ALONE... or so I thought. Not even at a gathering/session/bus stop/whatever.


I recently picked up the guitar again after many years (like, as of two days ago). So I was playing that and singing, and my husband was playing his harmonica.


Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the curtain -- fixture, rod and all -- popped right off the window on one side. It didn't just slip or slide - it was as if it were yanked. Weird!


The song was 'Turn Your Radio On,' a sort of corny gospel song. Now, we have had radios and tvs pop on by themselves before, too, but I've always assumed it was some remote signal from somewhere doing that. I'm beginning to wonder just exactly how remote...


-- Not afraid, but, gee whiz, I'd like to at least be able to sound bad in private and not have to put the house back together in the morning.

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