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Midi Anglo Concertina

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This is probably the best place to post a question since it is more than just buy/sell, so my apologies in advance for posting in the wrong category.


I am looking for a midi concertina with an anglo keyboard layout to purchase. My attempts at building one myself is not producing sufficient results to meet my project deadline. I see three possible options and I have no preference.


1) It can be home built

2) It can come from a factory (like Wakker)

3) You can convert one of my instruments


I would appreciate any help.





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My MIDI anglo was a conversion of an existing Lachenal anglo that was mostly in nice condition but had rubbish reeds. It was done by Roy Whiteley of Accordion Magic and the website is here. I can't speak for the Concertina Connection MIDI anglos though I've heard they are good.



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