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Crabb C/G 31 Button Concertina for Sale

Dave Gray

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For sale:

Crabb (Ball Beavon & Co) C/G 31 Button + Air, complete with Fallon hard case.

Serial No. 8770, made in 1904.

$6150 which includes shipping to CONUS






This concertina is in great playing condition and has a wonderful tone.


New 'Dipper' bellows were fitted in 1996. In 2007 Wim Wakker did some mild restoration work, which included: tuning, replacing valves, pads, springs and bushings as well as setting button height and spring tension.


It has a 'Jeffries' layout with the exception of the first button on the RH accidental row. This is c#/c#, (push/pull), the c# can be replaced with the original d# reed to return it to the more ‘standard’ Jeffries layout of d#/c#, (push/pull), if desired. The drone button on the left hand side is C/C.


There is a photo showing a very faint stamping, which I believe is “Ball Beavon & Co London“, although only “& Co London” is visible.


The concertina, sometime in its history has passed through the hands of Rushworth and Dreaper and has their plaque attached.


Included with the concertina will be a Fallon hard case, hexagonal wooden case with key, the original hand rests, and original d# reed to return it to a “standard” Jeffries layout along with the original low D reed if you wish to replace the low A on the G row with it.



Please contact me with any questions.



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