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My Abc2win Program Has A Problem

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We have Windows XP. I have successfully used my registered copy of ABC2WIN with no problem, and all the options worked okay (printing, playing in DOS, editing, adding a new tune, etc.).


For a few days, I haven't been able to 'Add New' (tune) or to edit any ones already created as .abc files.


This doesn't make much sense to me.


Does anyone have any thoughts on what I could try? (True, I haven't cried in a while, could probably use a good cry...but, no, that won't help!) :(


:) Thanks, if any help.

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> I haven't cried in a while,


Crying might be a good response.


Sorry to say, I find abc2win less than stable on XP -- less stable than on previous Windows versions. There hasn't been an update for years.


You can try deleting the INI file and letting it rebuild itself, or do a clean install. Those solutions have sometimes helped me.


But it's a weird program. It apparently doesn't like my current printer driver and misfires 50 percent of the time when printing.


I think little errors are present in many of the ABC files downloaded from Web sources, and they cause some of the flaky behavior. Unless you're a real ABC expert, it's hard to troubleshoot those.


Wish I could be more encouraging. I use the program all the time and have hundreds of tunes stored in ABC files, but curse almost every time I load it up. Alas, there are not a lot of viable alternatives.

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Any error messages?

Can the Open File window "see" the abc files?

Have you checked the properties on the abc file for read-only?

Well...at least it's the season for gardening, now. Something else to do, that I can't do in winter, when I sit frozen at the computer... ;)


Um, no error message, and something does seem to appear in the bottom 'bar' but I can't get it to show. The read-only files...there doesn't seem to be that option, and I've looked all over.


I think Jim Besser is right about other's files causing some flakiness.


And thanks, Dave...I'll try those links.

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It really looks like a read-only file problem. You need to use your file explorer in Windows, not abc2win, to locate the files, and check the properties. Make sure they're not read-only an/or archive. Just as a test, edit the abc files with notepad or any text editing program. If it allows you to edit the file while your abc program won't allow it, then there's a problem with abc2win.

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> have found the same as you - when printing, it wil

>l do two or three lines then freeze so I have to have

> two or three attempts, then it works fine.


The problem appears to be printer specific. I didn't have the problem with my last printer, but have it consistently with the new laser -- which works fine with every other program.


ABC2win is incredibly frustrating, but there aren't many alternatives.

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I don't use ABC2win, I find I don't need to because we have an excellent alternative here on Concertina.net! I write my ABC files in notepad, put them onto the ABC Convert a Matic in the Tune o Tron to check them out. I will then download and print them in Acrobat Reader. When I get them polished, I intend to submit them to the Tune o Tron.

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I don't use ABC2win, I find I don't need to because we have an excellent alternative here on Concertina.net!

You're right -- yes, I use the Tune-O-Tron 'converter' thing sometimes to work on copies whether or not I'll actually submit them to the Tune-O-Tron.


It's possible to still play the midi and print the PDF sheet music even without actually posting the tune.


Though, I do sometimes post the tune!


I guess, as long as I can do that, I really haven't lost too many options---just the use of my own, offline copy of ABC2Win.


I do use Noteworthy Composer a lot, but sometimes I'd put a melody into ABC format, then use the ABC2NWC software to convert that.


Oh, well. I'll get over it.

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