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Fair Price For Lachenal English?

Tom Ryan

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I have a Lachenal English concertina which I wish to sell, but I have no idea what a fair asking price would be. Can anyone help me? The concertina dates from the late 19th or early 20th century (according to Steve Dickinson) and is a 48-key treble with rosewood ends and bone( I guess?) buttons.


This concertina was completely refurbished by Steve Dickinson in the late 1970s. He replaced the bellows with a six-fold one, with attractive bellows papers and replaced springs, reeds, pads, etc. Since then, I have hardly played it (I have a Wheatsone 56-key tenor-treble which I play all the time), so it is in great condition. Steve also made a new box, which is brown leather.


I'd appreciate any help anyone can give regarding a fair asking price. Could you indicate whether you're talking US or Canadian dollars (I live in Canada).


My e-mail is theryans@vianet.ca



Tom Ryan

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