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Duet (Crane) lessons and such

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Recently I had a workshop presentation at the Palestine festival and have recently managed one Skype lesson. I'm interested in doing more to help other concertina players, especially duet players and of course Crane players.


I have had a Crane duet since 1978 and have played regularly since then. Until retirement two years ago, the amount of time I could devote to playing was limited but I managed to play it at least some nearly every day. Examples of my playing are at scraggy.net. In addition, I studied music in college for over three years and worked professionally as a bandsman (United States Air Force) playing saxophone, oboe and clarinet for four years. I do not hold a degree in music. I do hold advanced degrees in education but not music education and most of my work has been in research and measurement, rather than actually teaching.


I feel very competent to assist players in the following areas:

Playing and interpreting music written or arranged for duets

Playing and interpreting easy keyboard music and adapting it for duets

Playing and interpreting any type of music from a lead (fake) sheets including folk, country & western, blues, jazz standards, old time, traditional and most other popular music

Accompanying singers or instrumentalists from a lead (fake) sheet (same genres)

Playing and interpreting some guitar music with adaptation for duets

Playing and interpreting four part (SATB) scores -- especially four part hymns


With those credentials and caveats, if you have an interest in learning about Crane's or duets (not specific to keyboard issues) please let me know and we can try to work something out.

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Thankyou Kurt,

for the link to your website. I am looking for examples of Duet playing and there does not appear to be too many available. So it is very interesting for me because I am trying make my EC playing sound more like what is possible on a Duet and I am about to start learning to play the Maccann.

Best regards,


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