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Documentaries on American folk culture


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I stumbled upon a very nice collection of documentaries on American folk culture, http://www.folkstreams.net/: films on Cajun music, Irish music, Jazz, fiddle music: hours and hours of it! (Click on 'subjects' on the left.)


The documentary 'Family Across the Sea' does seem to sport some Irsh concertinas in the audio, but I haven't seen any in the footage itself. On my computer the film keeps breaking off half way, so maybe someone else will spot one in the second half. But also without concertinas its a marvelous collection!



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Mark-- thanks much for this link. Wow! what a great find. It contains some wonderful films. I've watched a few and they were quite enjoyable. There were a few of the American old-time music ones that I have seen but many that I haven't. Besides playing concertina , I play banjo so have strong interest in many of the films. --Steven

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Hi Mark


That's a good site. I've been enjoying their videos for a while too. Some great stuff in there. They also have a YouTube channel that's neat to explore:



There is also another YouTube channel that has a history of American folk music that's interesting to watch. All 3 parts should play automatically:





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