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What's this one?

Daniel Hersh

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It's here. I'm not even sure what system it is (Anglo? Maccann?) let alone who made it.


It's 38 buttons, not counting the two novelty buttons and the air button.


Definitely not a Maccann or Crane, or any other "ordinary" duet system, with the possible -- but improbable -- exception of the Jeffries system. I've never seen/heard of a Jeffries duet with that few buttons, and I believe they all have (at least) four full rows on both ends. With this layout, you'd be missing a lot of accidentals or other important notes.


So almost certainly an anglo.

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The button layout looks like this one? (and similar to a Wheatstone 40 button layout)




I'm no expert on Lachenal papers and bellowsgilding but this looks similar to Lachenal dspite the apparent lack of serial numbers


Alex West

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Looks like a 40-key Lachenal Anglo to me...

But not a standard 40-key note layout, since 2 of those 40 keys are novelties, not notes/reeds.


The button layout is still standard 40-key though, and the reed-pan layout (except it has holes for the novelties where it would otherwise have reeds), whilst I'd wonder if that isn't the way those "fourth row" buttons might have started out on Anglos (as novelties) - they seem so much like an afterthought... :unsure:


There was a standard model of Jones with novelties (catalogued as "Thirty-four Keys: the extra four produce imitation of bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, bird, and chanticleer*) that he always made with the whistle and squeaker as extra-row buttons, and they are commonly like that on Jeffries/Crabb/Shakespeare 38-key (or more) instruments too - like the 38-key Shakespeare I've just been working on.


Edited for clarification

Edited by Stephen Chambers
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