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Non-Irish Anglo Concertina

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Old Cowboy tunes -

by which I mean songs sung by old cowboys for old cowboys, and sometimes about old cowboys...

Down In the Valley

Streets of Laredo

Back in the Saddle Again

Tennessee Waltz

Don't Fence Me In

John Henry

The Wabash Cannonball

The Old Cowboy's Lament

Tyin' a Knot In the Devil's Tail

And some other stuff like:


Trumpeteer's Lullaby - (see the Tune-O-Tron)

Bolero (well, not yet, it's proven very complicated)

Tu Fidelidad (a Spanish-language hymn)



I hadn't realized anyone else was doing cowboy music on the board. Concertina was also a traditional cowboy instrument, small enough to easily fit in the bunk wagon. Some other tunes:


Red River Valley

Old Paint

Mustang Grey

Little Joe the Wrangler

Bonnie Black Bess

Little Brown Bulls

Annie Laurie

Wagoner's Lad




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