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English Country Music Weekend 2011

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Still it's a step up from camping with intent. :)

And better than camping without tent. :-(

It's folks like thee wot forced Blacks last year to slash costs and make a call to arms with the slogan

Now is the discount of our winter tents.


A curse on thy rolling Volks and Roma houses - inspired by Repartee-hemlock-meister C Drinkwater:



Now is the discount of our winter tents,

Made sodding wet by this storm of Essex;

And all the clouds that lour'd upon our house

Have turned puddles to Fe(or)stering pools.


Now are our pants soaked with mudded wreaths;

Our bellowsed arms hung up for monuments;

Our bass alarums changed to merry sessions,

Our dreadful marches to tingling Morrisments.


War now capers nimbly in a ‘tina’s chamber

To the lascivious pleasing of a lute.

To strut before a wanton amboyna nymph;

Oh Essex wench of fair proportion,

Cheated of bling by dissembling nature,

A false gem from Wheatstoned field

Air leaking from this burnt pan of deformed world,

‘Tis why dogs bark on me as I squeeze by them;


In this weak bag-piping time of peace,

My reeds give no delight to pass the time,

Unless to spy my shadow in the sand sun

And descant on mine Bflat/E own deformity:


And therefore, since I cannot prove a player,

To entertain these Brightling days o’er sea,

I am determined to prove a noodle

And tarn their idle pleasures in these days.


Plots have I laid, cantations dangerous,

By drunken prophecies, fiddels and drums,

To set my brother CLachence and the English king

In deadly discord the one against the other:


And if King Edward be as true and just

As I am flat, false and treacherous,

This day should ECMW closely be mew'd up,

Pluking up a vile prophecy, which says that 'G',

Of Edward's airs, the murderer of ‘C” shall be.

Deep, D minor thoughts sing down to my soul:


Shh! That Anglogerman CLachence comes….


Now is the discount of our winter tents copyright © 2011. :ph34r: Well Kautsapeer :ph34r:

(With no apologies to that (alleged) bard, I. Will Shake-a-shaft at the Sky.)

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I am very pleased to announce that the District Council has approved my License Application so the Campsite will have its very own Beer Tent with me as the licensee!! With Essex having more breweries than any other county in the country this is going to require me to do some exhaustive research!!

Tickets are selling steadily.

Best wishes,


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I'd just like to say it was a brilliant weekend, and Roger's exceptionally well-supplied beer tent was just one of the highlights. The usual suspects from cnet were there, many of whom I've met before, but I enjoyed meeting LDT and Dirge for the first time.


I'll post some photos on Facebook when I get around to it!


Bradfield next - can't wait!

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Thanks to all the organizers for their hard work. And apologies for those who had me serve them at the bar. My maths is atrocious, and I think I ended up with beer down me (I blame the taps for being hard to turn and me being short). :P


I went into it with quite a bit of trepidation, but ended up enjoying myself.

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LDT was kind enough to have these available


ECMW 2011 - Concertina


ECMW - concertina 2






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