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Irish Tunebook for Anglo Concertina


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Hello, I'm thinking of putting together a book, about 20 Irish tunes or so the way I play them, with fingering, variations, and ornamentation notated, as well as stylistic notes and an accompanying CD.


Would love to hear thoughts...I don't think there is something quite like that out there. Do you think I should go ahead with it? what do you think should it include, and not include?

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I think it is a great idea.


If there have been some significant influences on your style- certain players or regions it would be very instructive to include some tune(s) from that/those aspects of the tradition. Perhaps even a "this is the way I learned it and this is how its changed as I've played it.


I look forward to your book and Cd. Put me down for one.



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I'd buy a copy!


Since I learn only by ear, it would be great if the CD contained different versions of the same tune, maybe two different speeds, then one simple version and one more 'ornamentated'. Also, a few tracks detailing some techniques and how they sound would be nice.

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For my students, I would want to see just the basic tune notated, and then the same tune written out with some suggestions for possible ornaments or variations.


This would avoid the tendency for students to lock down the ornamentation from an initially presented written out arrangement.


Best to give the simple structure of the tune and the tools to build one's own micro-variations.

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