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FS: 56K Lachenal Boyd EC


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Hello - the time has come to part with this lovely instrument - I've a Wheatstone Boyd in need of an expensive rebuild!


56 key extended treble Lachenal concertina - made for the retailer Harry Boyd of Newcastle. These concertinas were made to a high specification and are very bright with good response - also easily identifiable through the 'H Boyd' in the fretwork design on the RHS. It's number 39851 which puts it somewhere around 1900.


Concert pitch, raised metal ends, bowing valves (air in & out), five fold bellows, light action (standard Lachenal hook), original(?) wood case.


I purchased this instrument from Barleycorn ~1994 and was refurbished at or before this point. It's also been rebushed and bellows rehinged since then and the long thumbstrap screws replaced with bolts. I've used it as my main instrument for over 12 years - I got another identical one about 5 years ago; played that in and kept this in reserve. Note that this isn't the the one on my CD - but it sounds very similar.



Cost: £1650 +postage


I'll try and get a sound sample up next weekend. Donation to CNet if sold here. I'm baed in Northumberland, UK but I'm travelling around a bit at the moment - UK, Dublin, Germany, feel free to ask if I'm in your area, it might work!





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