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4 Feb 11


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French Polka (unknown) :D



Spencer the Rover #2


Tripping over the runs in Nottingham Captain - Concertina day two



The Best Concertina So Far


Lad O'Beirne's Hornpipe (Ed Reavey's Hornpipe)


Thomond Bridge (hornpipe)


Danse McCabre Promo




Chris Droney at Custy's on 2nd February, 2011


Chris Droney continued


ComhaltasLive #339-3: Séamus Ó Mongáin and Séamus Dean



ComhaltasLive #340-2: Alex Reidinger



ComhaltasLive #340-8: Scoil Éigse Tutors



Concertina - sean o'fearghail (hornpipe)





Boston Harbour


Dapper's Delight at the Karnatic Lab - Italian dances from Mainerio's Il primo libro de balli, 1578


Dapper's Delight at the Karnatic Lab - All in a garden green





Parlez-moi d'Amour - English Concertina



AH ! VOUS DIRAI-JE MAMAN:Concertina Diatonique Hamelina





Idir Deighric gus Breo.flv





concertina 20 key y faluta dulce.wmv





Leo :D

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Thanks Leo, there certainly is some tasty Irish music in this month's batch, especially the Hornpipe played by Sean O'Fearghail! B)




Hi Dick


Like a needle in a haystack or fishing. Sometimes in the trawl, I come up with a real catch. Or maybe that great US philosopher Forrest Gump says: "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what will come up". I enjoy looking for them.



Leo :)


The Best Concertina So Far


An absolute gem; very funny! Never seen/heard 'The Fairy Dance' played this way, before. :lol:

Hi Peter


Best way to play a concertina and hold sheet music I've ever come across.



Leo :lol:

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Hi Leo.

It would seem that the above video is a copy of one put up by Henk van Aaltan in Feb. 2010. I am puzzled. :unsure:


Hi Chris


I wouldn't be puzzled in the least. It's the nature of YouTube and the internet to have that happen. I don't think there's a way to prevent it. I'm surprised that it's only the first one of two after all the ones I've found. The other one is:


And I just found it tonight after you mentioned it. I looked closer.



Maybe Henk is doing something right to be the first. I don't want to defend the person, since I think it wrong for him/her to do that. But, the least the person from Argentina could do is be more honest and not claim them as his own and copy word for word the descriptions.


A few years ago, Arby's (A US fast food restaurant) had a commercial on the TV. It must have been copied hundreds of times. This is one search result. They're all the same. Take note also, the website name under the text. There's lots of them.



There is a procedure for Henk to tell Youtube to tell the poster to remove them if he wishes to pursue it. But that would be up to him.


I'm not sure how much you search, but it's worse than you can imagine. I usually stick to YouTube, since they seem to be the origination of most of the videos on the internet. They are suppose to be the largest. Here is a filtered search eliminating YouTube, and concentrating on another site. You should recognize some of the thumbnail pictures, since they are older. I don't believe any of them came to songhouse.com directly from the persons playing the music, and all of them have been mentioned on concertina.net over the years. It's limited to only the last year.






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I guess it depends on how much of a copy, a video is, of another, Leo. If Henk made the original video of himself playing his concertina, with some backing from another instrument and used some video footage of a landscape to illustrate it, added titles and credits and posted it on YouTube, then that's his video. If someone else comes across the video and decides to repost it complete under his/her name, in a manner which seems to suggest he/she is the originator of it, that is copyright theft and false representation. If that same person recorded his/her own playing of the tune and swapped it for Henk's playing but still used Henk's video footage/titles, etc, then that's not quite so bad but still potentially copyright theft, particularly if he doesn't acknowledge his/her sources.



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