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Mr Happy

Easter 2011 Folking about in Anglesey!

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A humungous thank you to everyone who came & supported the best folkie gathering this year [so far!] at Bull Bay, I really couldn’t have done it without you all!!


I’ve been given accolloids by many of the attendees, but as well as my thanking them in return, I’ve had to respond something like “If I’d just come here on me own, it would’ve been no fun at all “ [imagine a solitary & sad Mr Happy – sob, sniffle!]


So I invited as many friends & mystery guests as possible to cater for all [my] tastes.


Also I’m sure all would join me in a vote of thanks to Calvin & Shane Phillips & their staff at Bull Bay Hotel for the lovely food spread they put on for us for each of the evening sessions and for making rooms & spaces available for the varying & diverse musical themes.


So to paraphrase the parting speech of Leonard Sachs in ‘The Good Old Days’


– “Many thanks to the company, the players, but chiefly yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!”




Mr Happy

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