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wheatstone bariton? MacCann


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Sale results


1 A Duet System Concertina by Charles Jeffries (2) £3,300

2 A Baritone Concertina by Wheatstone, London, circa 1900 (1) £900

3 A Duet System Concertina by the Jeffries Brothers, (2) £3,100

4 A Twelve Sided Concertina by Lachenal & Co, London, (2) £1,400


So the prices to the buyer including Buyers premium and VAT are:

1 Actually a 39 key anglo in C/G old pitch £4,092

2 £1,116

3 Actually a 39 key anglo in Bb/F in A=440Hz £3,844

4 £1,736


I'd reckon that the C/G anglo was about right for price but the Bb/F Jeffries Bros looks a bit high for what it is. I wouldn't like to comment on the Wheatstone duet and the Lachenal Edeophone


Anyone know what the numbers in parenthesis are?


Alex West

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