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Concertina Lessons

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Chris Stevens is based in Maine, but does come to Boston to teach from time to time--there was a thread about it nearly a year ago (should be right about here). He plays Irish style, and I've heard good things about his teaching from a number of people.


I've also been hearing good things about Jody Kruskal's Skype lessons.



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Hi David,


Florence Fahy has moved to the Boston area and is an excellent anglo teacher from North Clare. Here is a website link that can help you get more information about her:




She taught at the Southeast Tionol in Atlanta last year and did a great job. Based on that, she also has a nice bunch of tunes!


Ross Schlabach

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David: I am taking lessons from Flo Fahy when she is available. She is just back from a couple of weeks back home, and she is working 5- 6 days a week. Chris Stevens is teaching at the Comhaltas Music School on Saturdays again this semester. Both Flo & Chris are excellent. George Keith is not teaching concertina, although he does teach fiddle at Comhaltas school. I can put you in touch with with Flo or Chris. As I say, both are great players and excellent teachers. Alan

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