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suttner A3


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It seems that it is not a good time to be a seller...


I'm not able to keep my Suttner and wait for better times.


So I hope that a player will buy it, and not somebody who will hold it until 'recovery of irish economy' ...


Now I know that I will not recover my money, but still I have for sale a loud and very easy to play new Suttner A3 with ebony ends, and a 26k rosewood lachenal, both C/G. If somebody wants pictures, you can see my previous posts for these instruments.



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I would be happy with 4500 euros means what it means : maybe I should say "I would be happy and very surprised to have 4500 euros".


A few months ago we saw these concertinas sold for more money, but any serious and reasonable offer is welcome.



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