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Concertina & Squeezebox Magazine "reader's tapes"


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I've seen them before and I'm pretty sure that's through Cnet but it includes such good stuff who cares?


From the duet player's point of view, every time I listen to the Jean Megley tracks on the second album I find more subtleties to appreciate about them. What a master's touch he has. Superb stuff. A beacon of hope for all duet players and especially for you Craniacs. (Incidentally they are not correctly labeled, before you get worried...)

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I went looking for Mississippi Blues and discovered it was a guitar classic; here's a version: ought to fit almost all duets I'd have thought (and Englishes too?). Seems about what M. Megley plays, from a quick listen.


I had to assemble it out of a spread-about page cluttered with tabs and heaven knows what using my minimal skills and simple programs so it's not as pretty as it might be but I think it'll do. The first 4 lines are the main theme, the last 4 are 'first break' and you make it up arround these I suppose.


So: get the music ,, listen to the Maestro; and off you go. No trouble. Perhaps.


(The music is on a guitar blues website; if anyone fancies improving on my bodged presentation or even playing it on the guitar from tabs I suppose it's here

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If you go to this thread, you will see that a seed for this project was being sown, way back in 2003.

And this one shows the digitization and original putting online by Ed Delaney on 2007, and this one shows the move to the ICA site in 2009 and includes image scans of the original liner notes.

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