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New Cd Reviews; Links Restored

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Short reviews of three recordings, by John Nixon, Emery Hutchins, and Gypsophilia with Scott Robinson, have been added to the Music page.

Music page

I checked the most of the directory for "orphan pages" and put links for them in the relevant places, namely the Learning (link below) and Music (see link above) pages.

Learning page

There is still some more of this to do, but several reports on early Scandinavian Squeeze-Ins, Roger Digby's review of the Scan Tester Recordings, and Randy Merris's article on the Paul DeVille tutor book are now again accessible.

Jim Lucas has reported the ultimate solution to the Anglo-or-English debate and the which-duet-system debate. Check it out here.

Jim Lucas's duet

I have a few more lost or obscure pages to relink. After that, don't expect any effort from me on new submissions for a month or two! I have some neat stuff from Geo. Salley to catch up on next. Concertinally yours,


-- Ken


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I finished adding links for lost/obscure pages. Most were already linked somewhere, but perhaps the changes I made will make them easier to find, including Bill D'Ambrogio's review of his Dipper Anglo, and the photo of the 1981 Willie Clancy week concertina concert (in the Museum page, worth a visit if you haven't been in a while). Thanks for your patience.



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