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Crane - where's a tutor like Alan Day's?

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Wow, Warren you are a pretty good player on English already! Now I see you are just as subject to temptation as the rest of us!


Have a look at David Cornell's arrangements for all duets, maybe some of them will work. They are at the Concertina Library instruction page. Lots of other good stuff on that page also, have a look around.



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I have been playing English for quite some time and have recently acquired a Crane Duet which I am having fun with.


Has anyone done, or is anyone prepared to make, an online tutor like the one set up by Alan Day for the Anglo?





I just use a single sheet of paper: the concertina sides showing the buttons and the staff below with the note values. Then I just read my normal music that I use for Mandolin.


I believe the sheet came from the tutor found on the Concertina.com site.

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