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anyone else seen these


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I would love one of the G/D's but all these items are well out of my price range having just finished uni and moved back to the south east!


As to the prices, I'll leave these open to the rest of you to discuss. I don't think I ever met the owner of these, which is a shame as I'm originally from hastings!

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I bought the 2 D/G boxes and very nice they are too.

He who hesitates / speculates is lost.

I can assure you all that they will be played to near destruction is sessions.


Congratulations Andrew. Have fun! B)


Slap it up the bargain hunters! ;)


Isn't it funny how everyone wants a Fair Price when they're selling a Concertina .... but far too many are hoping to steal them for next to nothing, when they're buying! :rolleyes:




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