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Concertina Sighting


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In the documentary series "Victory at Sea", episode "Target Suribachi", there is a short scene (about 10 minutes into the show) featuring a concertina player. If memory serves it is an English. The film was silent, so it is difficult to know what tune was being played.



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ps what's nithering?

Nithering = bitter, finger freezing sub zero temperatures. biggrin.gif The weatherman on the local BBC TV/Radio will often refer to 'a nithering wind'

Sure that's not a "northerly" that's so cold you can't get your lips open enough to properly pronounce the "or" and the "ly"? :ph34r:

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In the 1960 Peter Sellers and Terry Thomas movie called "Carlton Browne of the F.O.", there is a Morris dance about 9:45. The musicians have a concertina and melodeon.


In the US TV series "The Rat Patrol" (Season 1 Episode 17, "The Last Harbor Raid Episode III 2Jan, 1967), there is a short French tune sung by Claudine Longet to the muscic of a concertina.


In the 1999 TV movie "The Hunley", a concertina plays a tune or two in a bar scene about 45 minits into the movie, shortley after the crew makes their first submerged training.


In the 1976 Clint Eastwood movie "Outlaw Josey Wales", there is an outdoor prayer service scene a hundred or so minutes into the movie. Sondra Locke fakes playing an English concertina for the tune "In the Sweet Bye and Bye".




Leo :)

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In the 1957 movie "The Rising of the Moon", there is a scene in the 2nd episode "A Minute's Wait" at the train station where a Martin O'Duffy sings and uses an anglo concertina as a prop. It shows up at about 43:00.


Sorry, I couldn't find a short clip of it, just the whole movie.




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Much more recent:



Flash mob: The cobweb orchestra playing Ravel's Bolero in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK) late last year. Look for an English Concertina between 3:57 and 4:15



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