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Jeffries in Ballycastle, Co Antrim!


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Thanks entirely, to help from a very friendly computer whiz, fellow member here, I am now able to post a link to a video clip from last Thursday night's Trad TV show in Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, featuring my 1899 Canacott Jeffries!



{Anglo Concertina, Fiddle, Bouzouki & Bodhran}


Rathlin Air

Turfahun Barndance

Kate Marie

Rathlin Reel




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Very nice Dick! I liked the video, and the one where you play the fiddle it's very good as well!. From the latter, I recognised the last tune, I suppose it's french canadian because It is in one of the cds of La Bouttine Souriante.



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What is a Canacott Jeffries?


Sorry Richard, I was probably being a bit obtuse there. :(


The fact is, my Jeffries was bought originally by Albert Canacott in June 1899.

He died in the early 50s & his Jeffries passed first to his Son & then his Grandson, neither of whom played it, so you may say that in 111 years it had one careful owner.

I was only the 2nd person ever to pay money for it & /or play it, as I bought it only recently, from Tony, his Grandson.


As for the Fiddle video Fernando, yes, that's where Ciaran first heard that great tune.




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