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I'll answer for the English concertinas in these ranges that I own: my tenor-treble aeola goes from the c below middle c, (in abc that's C,) to the c three octaves above middle C (in abc that's c''', the top note on a standard treble), giving a range of 4 octaves in 56 buttons. My Baritone is exactly one octave below my trebles, (so in abc notation G,, to c''). A previous discussion pointed out that there are other possibilities for a tenor and that larger baritones might have further designations on (baritone-treble, bass-baritone, etc.). I don't make a lot of use (though some) of the top of these ranges.

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What are the note ranges of tenor and baritone concertinas?






If your talking about English concertinas in May 2007 there was a extensive thread on the subject. Everything you always wanted to know about English concertinas.......


Especially posts by Jim Lucas and Geoffrey Crabb were very informative:


Jim's: http://www.concertin...indpost&p=54855


Geoff's: http://www.concertin...indpost&p=54904



And some more explanations about the english sytem by Geoffrey Crab are to be found here: http://www.concertin...ndpost&p=110084

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