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Wheatstone Duet on Ebay


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My German is clearly getting rustier and rustier; I couldn't work out what's going on. This isn't an auction, is it; it's a 'make an offer' based on E2890. So why does he say 'Heutiger Neupreis: 5.000,- British Pounds.' Doesn't that mean 'Today's new price £5000'? Are there really about £1.70 to each euro these days?

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As of Thursday, 2100 Mountain Time, USA


Relative to GBP = 1.00

EURO = 1.1454 (e.g., 1.1454 euros required to purchase 1.00 gbp)

USD = 1.6269 (e.g., 1.6269 usd required to purchase 1.00 gbp)


Straight exchange - without fees.


Sources: Bloomberg and xe

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This instrument has been on ebay.de for over two years and has been covered on this forum before. An ebay-dealer bought it off an ebay-broker some 20 months ago, who had offered it to me for 2.000 - but I refused.... I have contacted the seller over a year ago informing hin that the price was a little high ( at 2500 Euro ) . Consequently he raised the price.

Chirs Algar had some nice duets at Witney - at least you know, what you are getting!

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