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A2 Suttner for Sale


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post-369-090488200 1288175607_thumb.jpgI need to sell an excellent A2 Suttner which I bought 3 years ago. It's a metal-ended 30 button plus drone in C/G and with Jeffries layout and reed pan design. Sevenfold bellows. Actually, it has not been played much and never out of the house.


I play my Wheatstone duet more these days and I also need to fund some concertina restoration work since I bought a wooden ended Jeffries a while back that needs serious work on it. I'm not that good a player and it seems a pity it's not being used as this is a quality instrument with a sweet and responsive voice.


I'm asking 3,400 GBP for this which is slightly above the 2008 prices on Suttner's web site. I Have the original purchase receipt for the concertina and anyone wishing to try it out prior to sale is welcome to come to Liverpool. I will leave this on Cnet and see whether I need to use an auction site. Donation to cnet if it sells.







Concertina no longer available.

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