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22 Oct 10


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Sam Hall


Squeeze-in Sweet Jenny Jones


John Williams, John Doyle, and Tim Britton play a set of jigs at Cafe Paradisio in Fairfield, IA


John Williams and John Doyle play False Lady at Cafe Paradisio in Fairfield, IA


Mrs. Crotty's Hornpipe


Northeast Heritage Music Camp - Late-Night Jam, 6/20/08


Terry Carruthers - The Lament of Limerick.wmv


'Nora', on concertina




The Little Boy Lost and the Little Boy Found


You Can't Get an Englishman to Tango Mick & Sarah Graves



Anahata & Mary Humphreys: Dennington Bell & March of the Men of Devon



Tony Dunn and Charlie Watts - Welch's Four Part





Muireann's Jig





adios muchachos





Leo :)

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Thank you for putting these posts together so regularly. They're really appreciated and enjoyed, even if nobody tells you so.



Hi Joy


Truth be told, I enjoy searching for them. I especially enjoy finding the ones from members of this forum. If you see a smiley in a post, it was put up by a member I recognize, it's not a critique on my likes. But the real thanks belongs to those who put them on the internet for our enjoyment. That's where the hard work really is. If you're a member of YouTube, be sure to tell them of our appreciation.


Don't tell anybody, but I've been known to take requests on occasion. ;)


Thanks :)


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