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modifying straps


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I am a total beginner who has just purchased a Jack English concertina. After a few weeks of of practice I noticed that the placement of the thumb straps and finger rest on the instrument feel very awkward for my hand size. It seems to me that by moving the thumb straps and the finger rest to accomodate my hand size might improve matters. Has anyone had any experience with moving the straps and rest? Can this be done or is it totally taboo?

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Nothing is taboo but don't rush to change things. People learning to play the violin,

the piano and the guitar often find that these instruments feel physically awkward at

first but they don't rush to alter the design. If your concertina still feels

awkward after you have been learning to play it for two years, then think about making

alterations. Learning to play an instrument is a physically awkward process. It never

feels natural at first.

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