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AABB ? Explanation Please

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I have just received the latest newsletter about the planned Commando Trad in Liverpool England next week.


The organiser says:


"A couple of points, same key because the time change is a little tricky, notice I use the "lead in" notes to move from one to the other, also be aware of the "rest" in the B of DDKK, if we can manage that then the effect will be electric!


I am planning AABB for both tunes (not sure if managed that on the recording), probably 3 times each tune then move on, then back to the first. Start with DDKK"


What does he mean by DDKK and AABB - I'm not used to this method of notation ?? - can anybody explain for the hard of thinking (me)

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Ah the penny has dropped.

One of the tunes is Davy Davy Knick Knack..


You got it.

And listen to Brian's recording of the tunes, in the B part of DDKK :P the first time through, there's a very emphatic beat note that he'd like us to imitate.

See you there?



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I didn't realise the AABB related to the repetition, but ya live and learn.


No, I doubt I'll make it - I'm based in the South, but I wish you all well.



I've just sent this to Brian, but in case it lures in a few more players...


In case anyone from further a field wants a cheap day sightseeing in Liverpool plus an opportunity to join in the LTCE


London Midland Great Escape £10 travel anywhere tickets 23-31st Oct - details at :



So eg London - Liverpool return for £10

or from..... Bedford, Brum, Coventry,Hereford,Milton Keynes, Rugby, Shrewsbury etc.



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