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How old is my Rock chidley

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Rock Chidley started independently 1850. By 1862 he went bankrupt (first time) by 1867 he went bust again. It's possible that he made a few concertinas between 1862 and 1867 as he still had the tools (they were sold by auction). I'm aware of a concertina with a serial number in the 6000's.

Up to 1855'ish his address labels mention only 135 High Holborn but 1855/6 (I'm aware of a concertina with a serial number of 3220 bearing the High Holborn address) they start to include mention of the factory at Hollingsworth Street . I don't think that it's possible to be really accurate with regard to dating your concertina (unfortunately) but it sounds as tho' it was pre 1855.

There is some more info on the Chidley's on my website (see link below)

I would be interested in seeing pics of your concertina, if poss.


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