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It's Enough To Make One Cry!


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Band onion, aye. Reminds me of some friends booked at a festival where the programme had clearly not been proof-read. They were accused of playing mandokins and bonzonkis.




edited because I didn't proof-read my own posting...

Edited by Chris Timson
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Question......Whats the difference between a bandonion and an onion ?

Answer........You don't cry when you cut a bandonion up ..

And the bands make for easier slicing. :P

.........With apologies...
... Spoilsport! Edited by JimLucas
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Yeah! but if you'd won it you'd be cress fallen.

Sorry but I can't match the other 21 carrot remarks. :D  :D  :D

We started out with some rye humor, but now it's gotten so corny, we oat to know better.

I barley dare to show my face; it's turning radish with embarrassment.

Well, the sage man knows when he's beet and it's thyme to move on.

But it's bean nice knowing you, and I'll be cumin back.

I might even turnip sooner than you think.

So... dill next time. :huh:

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