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Concertinas at Bonhams


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More concertinas for sale at Bonhams this week in three lots here.

Well, though the detail description of Lot no. 5 says "Duet system", it's clearly an English.


Quite so. To be helpful, I decided to email the Bonhams "specialist" and point out the error in the description. I'll let you know if I get a reply.



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If they are going to continue to sell concertinas there's probably a small retainer to be earned by someone who can convince Bonhams that they should retain a part time 'consultant'...

The detail page for Lot 5 (the one with the error) says

Contact the Specialist to discuss this lot or selling in a future sale

Email: Thomas Palmer

Tel: 02073933849


So I'd guess that he's their "consultant".


But he's the same "Specialist" for all their musical instruments, and I'd guess that his knowledge of concertinas isn't very deep. Then again, some of the most expert potential consultants are also potential bidders, which might be considered a conflict of interest.

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Here's the reply I received from Bonham's music 'specialist' Thomas Palmer, after I had emailed him about mistakes in the descriptions of two of the concertina lots coming up for sale.


Dear Mr Drinkwater,


I thank you for your advice and shall amend our description after verification. The estimates are auction estimates and are somewhat less than commercial estimates. The price realised at auction may exceed these estimates.


Kind regards,


Thomas Palmer


Anyway, I think anyone seriously intent on bidding on one of these concertinas, would already know something about concertinas and the different types and models and not be misled by possible inaccurate descriptions, when a photograph of the item tells a different story. It wouldn't surprise me if Chris Algar is on the end of the phone on the day, putting in his usual telephone bids!


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Here's what these three concertinas fetched at auction, including buyer's premium.



Sale 17856 Lot 4

Show details


A Concertina by Charles Jeffries (2)


Sold for £3,720 inclusive of Buyer's Premium




Sale 17856 Lot 5

Show details


A Treble Concertina, by Wheatstone & Co, London. circa 1940 (2)


Sold for £1,320 inclusive of Buyer's Premium

Please note there is an amendment to this lot

See full description for details





Sale 17856 Lot 6 Y

Show details


An English System Concertina Labelled Wheatstone & Co (2)


Sold for £600 inclusive of Buyer's Premium


I thought that the prices realised, are quite reasonable.



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