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Randy Stein

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... cynics who claim to be skeptics. Edzard Ernst is one these... I have not read his book but I have read articles by him and I have come to the conclusion that Edzard and co have been so brain washed into one dimentional thinking that they are incapable of reasoning any more. They have become medical fundementalists.


Really? Do you include several Nobel Prize winners, thousands of PhDs and MDs around the World, dozens of active researchers on "Integrative medicine" in for instance OSHER centers at Universities of San Francisco, Harvard and Stockholm and other institutes into your group "Edzard and co"? - all being "so brain washed into one dimentional thinking that they are incapable of reasoning any more" ?


People will seek treatment where ever they can. If modern medicine is ineffective at best or poisoning them at worse, they will not take it lying down. Hence the profileration of CAM. And hence the medics' reaction to beginning to lose their powerbase. Naturally, they will debunk it.


Has it occurred to you that as soon as "alternative" or "complementary" methods have become "evidence-based" they stop being alternative or complementary and are incorporated in the medical science and mainstream of medical practise? One obvious problem right now is that it has become politically correct to spend money on scientifically dubious activities but it may be rational doing so to sort out what possibly "works" or not and this process is going on.So far very little of use has come out of it however...

This does not exclude the fact that there are methods within ordinary medicine too that lack evidence according to modern standards and of course ought to be scrutinized likewise and there is a tendency in that direction also.

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