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Southeast Tionól 2011

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The dates for the Southeast Tionól 2011 have been set. It will be held in Orlando Florida, which is a great place for an early spring time holiday. We will run the event from Friday evening the 25th of February, though the early afternoon of the 27th. To recap some of the weekend highlights form years past, which is a similar experience for us each year.

Friday arrive at the pub / or private home in the late afternoon or early evening. Pick up your registration packet and maps, schedule etc. Enjoy the evening and have some tunes. We normally have sessions at various levels o that all interested in music can play, chat, have a beverage of choice...

Saturday Morning and Afternoon there are classes on the instruments being taught. After a short dinner break, there is an instructor recital and of course music in the form of sessions occurring into the late / early hours.

Sunday we normally assemble for a last class session, say our goodbyes and then get the instructors and visiting students to the airports.


We are looking for solid yes or no answer of interest in attending the tionól. Our instructors so far are Mick O'Brien and Kara Doyle on pipes, Pat Sky helping on pipe maintenance and reed making, and Willie Kelly on fiddle. We need a solid 10 students to have an instructor, and if I get the numbers for concertina, we will have a class.

Many discount airlines go to Orlando including Southwest, which makes it a deal for travel form out of state people. Please chime in or send me a pm and let me know of your interest in concertina classes. In the past we have had fantastic tutors including Tim Collins, Paul Groff, and Florence Fahy. We will post our tutor choice as soon as we get the numbers of students.

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I plan on making the trip too. I had a great time at the one this year in Atlanta. We had lots and lots of concertina students, so hopefully we can fill the enrollment requirements again.


Ross Schlabach

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