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Beware New E-bay Scam/ Fraud

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Please be warned of a sophisticated new scam.

Yesterday I was sent an e-mail from someone claiming to be an e-bay member.

It started:

"You expressed interest in an item", and they gave the e-bay reference number. also an e-mail address to contact.

They then said that the winning bidder was unable to complete the transaction and would I like a second chance to buy the item at my highest bid. they also asked for my name, address and user I.D.

But because my bid was a lot lower than the winning bid I thought this a bit odd, and of course didn't give it.


The e-mail looked exactly like it had been sent from e-bay, complete with logo, even an invitation to report fraud!


I then contacted the real seller who informed me that the concertina had been sold and that I was the third person this con had been tried on.


It seems these crooks are getting pretty clever so be carefull folks. :ph34r:


All the best,


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