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German Concertina-Meeting

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In the year 1991 Mario Kliemann ( Irish anglo ) Jürgen Leo ( two-row German-concertina ) and myself ( ES ) organised the first concertina-meeting in Bielefeld / Germany. We had many loud and wonderful weekends over the years with many great teachers, amongst them Noel Hill, Tim Collins, Juliette Daum and Pietro Valente. After Mario died in 2008 we decided to continue the event at my seminar-center in the North of Germany.


To celebrate the 20th anniversary we have invited Alistair Anderson ( ES ) and Mary Macnamara ( IA ) to teach and play.


Furthermore there will be Claus Keßler ( IA ), Rainer Schwarz ( German two-row ), Adrian Brown ( anglo ), Juliette Daum ( ES beginners and band ), Rainer Süßmilch ( ES, Jazz ), myself ( Robert Pich, ceili / band ) and Jürgen Suttner ( concertina-clinic )


We have a full schedule of workshops, master-classes, concert, concertina-flea-market etc.


Our center has 31 guest-rooms and we provide full board and plenty of drink!


Please check out our website concertinas.de for details and registration. There is an English version available and there will be English spoken in the workshops!


If you have to travel far, you are welcome to arrive earlier or stay on a day or two.


The meeting will take place from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th March 2011.


We hope to see you all!


Robert & Juliette



PS: At the meeting 2008 in Bielefeld I met Juliette Daum, who was teaching ES. One came to the other - and in May we got married...

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