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Doug Barr

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Hi there.


I teach from time to time. Have played anglo for 26 years and would have a very good reputation as a concertina player (I think). I sub for Micheal O'Raghallaigh's classes from time to time. Haven't taught across skpe before but don't see it as a problem. I'm based in Kildare and the Broadband is occasionally poor but I'd be prepared to give it a go.


I don't really have conditions other than you practice what you learn in the lesson and make progress! Up to you what you want to learn - whether it's technique, style, tunes etc. I have a day job so evenings would suit me better. I'll do half hour or hour lessons depending on what suits best. Would be happy to give a discount on the first lesson so that we're both comfortable with the format etc.


If you're interested, send me an e-mail to concertina@ireland.com and I'll quote rates


All the best


Ciaran O'Grady

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¿Conditions & price, please? :)






Hey Fergus - I charge $40 USD for a 50 min lesson, if there's a problem with the connection or it's just not working we can forget about the fee :)


Just taught my first Skype lesson this evening, albeit on button accordion. There's a method to it for sure, but I thought it worked great!

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