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Chris Algar`s 30 Anglo C/ G for sale

Evgeny Pichugin

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Hi Chris!

This is John Connors instrument. C/G tuning.


This is very playable instrument, but a little bit hard to play (because Lachenal reeds are hard). But the reeds are metal, instrument is tuned correct.


As I knew yesterday Chris Algar is only a seller of this instrument (maybe to Noel Hill)




From the appearance I'd guess it is a modern Connor and as such probably a very playable instrument. Correct? It would probably also help people to know what the concertina's home keys are, e.g. C/G, G/D or whatever.



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Evgeny and I spoke on Skype yesterday. I told him I would be happy to endorse the sale of his concertina. It is indeed a John Connor concertina and it has Lachenal reeds, or at least old concertina reeds. It is a C/G with a Wheatstone layout. He played it for me yesterday and it sounded good. This is what Algar says about the concertina:


Connor takes vintage reeds which we supply and produces a totally new 30 key Anglo concertina which we sell - with case - for £2500.


Noel originally bought the instrument for his son when the son was starting out, but as he progressed he replaced it with a more expensive instrument. Evgeny would like to get his initial investment back - this was €1,500, which is a very reasonable price for a Connor concertina with real concertina reeds. Noel said that Chris Algar originally sold it to him for €1,800, which I suspect was a special price for Noel Hill. At €1,500 this is certainly a great value. The conversion rate for a new one would be €3,000. Used Connor concertinas have been selling here for over €2,500.

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