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New Bandoneon and Concertina Layout.

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The Atzarin bandonion project had been at an impasse for about three years, but has now moved forward.




I have now put together a video, with errors and all, to show how the new grips work. The video is not to show any musical ability as I'm little more than a beginner. The idea is to show that it is possible to use the thumbs for playing technique whilst still maintaining a firm hold on the instrument without losing position on the buttons in chops or arrastres.

Sebastian Brown Apraiz
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Here's another video of my attempts on the Atzarin bandonion, playing standing up in order to demonstrate the grip and control the Esku Aske grips give over the instrument.

After murdering "Misty", by Errol Garner, I give a few rudimentary explanations about preparing to play a score and dealing with "extreme" notes, the 3 notes that are not repeated in the other direction of the bellows at each end of the keyboard. The bellows reversals in the bars leading up to and out of the bars containing these kinds of notes require special planning and may require notes to be assigned to each hand differently from the score, particularly when using a score written for piano or a lead sheet.

I've set myself the goal of producing a new video every 2 or 3 weeks explaining different aspects of the Atzarin bandonion and documenting my solitary learning process. At the moment, this instrument is unique, as there is only 1 in existence! So, it really is a lonesome journey I've embarked on. In the past I've been really impressed by the efforts of other, squeeze box players, who really can play their instruments, to blog about their progress with frequent and regular updates. Although I'd love to be able to do the same, I don't really have the time to blog, so these YouTube clips will have to suffice.

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Here's the latest video documenting my learning journey on the Atzarin bandonion:

The music is the A part of an AB structured Tango Waltz by Anibal Troilo in an arrangement by the superb bandoneonist Rodolfo Mederos. Unfortunately I haven't got the whole piece up to scratch for a video yet, but I needed the first part to exemplify using the thumb on the 3rd, outer row, of buttons.

Several accordionists have shown interest in the possibility of using the thumb on all three rows of buttons and my intention in the video is to show that it is possible and comfortable. It is also my intention to show traditional bandoneonists that the thumb can be used in playing technique on the Atzarin bandonion whilst still maintaining a good grip on the instrument.

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