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Dublin reel

Alan Caffrey

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Hello all,


I've been learning the Dublin reel from the Frank Edgley 'Trad Irish tunes' book, then I looked up the tune of that name on the 'The Session' web site. They look like different tunes to me. The reel on 'The session' appears to be the same tune as recorded by Planxty on 'cold blow the rainy night'. I like both tunes. Are they related? Totally different? Are they named correctly?


Thanks for help, Alan.

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I haven't seen Frank Edgely's version of The Dublin Reel. It is one of the classic piping tunes. The 3-part version that Liam O'Flynn plays in the key of D, on Cold Blow..., is the most common version in our sessions in Co Clare. It is the most widely accepted correct version. The posted version on thesession.org misses the nuances of different endings in the three parts and so is best ignored. gian marcos abc version, posted in the comments section, is much more accurate. If you play from ABCs then it's fine as is. Otherwise take it to the tune transcriber part of this site (http://www.concertina.net/tunes_convert.html) and remember to put in the "X:1" before you ask the transcription to be accomplished. There are some slight differences between this and the way Liam O plays it but they're not worth worrying about.


There is a version in the key of G that is played by The Kilfenora Ceili Band as the first track on their classic album, Irish Traditonal Fiddle Music (sometimes labeled Jigs and Reels). The medley of these three tunes -- Connemara Stockings, Dublin Reel, Tear the Calico -- is as famous as any medley ever played by Michael Coleman - or anybody, for that matter. The G version of the Dublin Reel isn't commonly played outside of this medley. At least not in my experience.


Hope this helps.

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