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Selling Rock Chidley English Concertina

Alex West

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I'm looking to sell this Rock Chidley English concertina which I've had for a couple of years. The instrument is number 1698 which dates it to between 1850 - 1860.


The sharp eyed will recognise this from the eBay listing which I bought it from. I believe it had come from South Africa where it had been extensively modified - the bellows, buttons and fretwork are clearly not original. It needed a lot of work when it came to me; it hardly played at all so I worked on the action, reeds, bushings valves and gaskets and it's now a reasonable player - but I'm never going to get to grips with the English system so it has to go.


The bellows are very good - they look as though they're going to be stiff but they're actually very supple. The action is pretty good for an old, hook style action and the whole box is now in concert pitch.


It's obviously not a collectors piece so I'm realistic about the price I expect - but I would like to get my costs back. It has some antique feel and genuine concertina reeds and I'd say it plays well enough for a beginner/improver.


Any offers before I put it out to eBay? Usual donation applies to anyone buying from cnet


Alex West

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