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One-off English seesion in Bath

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Hi all,


Recently Anne and I were asked to run a couple of English music sessions at the Royal Oak pub as part of the Bath Folk Festival. Well, both the sessions went very well indeed and were a joy from start to end. They went so well that we (that is Anne, Corrie Schrijver and myself, but primarily Anne) are talking to the pub about running sessions there on a regular basis on a Wednesday. Currently the pub has an Irish session there every other Wednesday so are receptive to the idea of another session fitting in with that. The fly in the ointment is that they are talking about running an open mic evening themselves on Wednesdays ... However their plans are not yet finalised so we are still in with a good chance of convincing them that an English session would be a Good Thing.


Anne has agreed with them to run another one-off session there this coming Wednesday 18th August at 8.30. It would be nice if as many as possible could come along, both to help convince the guv'nor to have a regular session and also because it's just a great pub for sessions. It should be pretty concertina-friendly since the local scene has players of all the main concertina systems around. The pub is the Royal Oak, Lower Bristol Road, Bath BA2 3BW.



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Breaking news from the Rialto!


After some 20 musicians turned up to last night's session the landlord was persuaded that a regular English session would indeed be a Good Thing. So we're having a fortnightly session on Wednesdays with yesterday counting as the first, hence the next will be on September 1st.


My Lady de Temps: if your holiday in Bath includes either 13th or 27th October then please instruct your footmen to bring you to the Royal Oak public house at eight and thirty of the evening hour. Coaches depart upon the bell of midnight.




Edited to add PS: Rather confusingly Bath has two Royal Oak pubs. Ours is the one in the Lower Bristol Road.

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