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For sale - 56 key English Concertina

chris angus

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Could someone give a little background to Boyd concertinas? Who was he, when was he, did he make his instruments or adapt them, why were his instruments louder, etc...


best wishes




Chris G. and all,

Here is something to get us started:



It is part of a cnet discussion that began with ledger designations for air button/valves and then involved some discussion of Boyd instruments.


Here is an advert (pg 11 of the pdf) for Boyd & Co. Newcastle on Tyne:




Wim Wakker and daughter playing a Wheatstone Boyd and Amboyna Wheatstone:




Apparently Neil Wayne's "Concertina Newsletter" Vol. 2 has an article on "Boyd Labeled Concertinas".



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Hello - I've a couple of things to add to this topic


I've found myself on the horns of a moral dilemma but hope this resolution fits.


First off and most importantly: I am NOT a disinterested party - I have made an offer for this instrument, I've been after one for years.


My natural instinct in this sort of case and to avoid any impression of impropriety would be to say nothing and let events take there course. However I can't in all conscience do that based on what I know.


I have been to see and play the instrument and had a good look at (and inside) it. It's a Wheatstone Boyd, Serial #22833 (lost ledger period), extended treble (model #22). In my opinion there is a significant amount of work required to turn it into the instrument that any player would want. I have discussed some of what I found with Chris (nice bloke, clever chap :) but he's not (and does not claim to be) a concertina expert).






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