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Thank you for your kind replies.


The type is an English Concertina - 56 key Wheatstone Aeola Tenor-Treble from 1912, 8-fold bellows, with raised nickel plated metal ends, and with hand straps fitted. It was a model no.19 as shown on the attached 1915 Wheatstone pricelist.My link

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thanks michael, yes it was his technique to swing the instrument around in huge circlular motions etc. - "Doppler Effect" sums it up in a couple of words - it was a spectacular sound to hear live!


My grandparents would have been children when the original song hit the charts. I knew it was one of the main 1920s hits as it was included in a 1920s songbook. I would like to include this song in my own repetoire, when I get a copy of the official sheet music - from 1928 I think. I'll try to update this post with any other renditions if/when they are found (there are quite a lot of home recordings/videos to bring together and possibly upload somewhere).


Perhaps others, including myself when I get around to it, can post any more concertina versions or links to such.

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That was quite wonderful. I first heard this tune played years ago in a Delores Del Rio film. I found it here on youtube:

The original piece of music was written by Mabel Wayne and English words by I. Wolfe Gilbert. There are also an Italian version arranged by Maria Perrocata and the Spanish version by Juan Velasquez.


I played it some years back and tried to recreate what I played from memory. Here is a snippet though it does not do justice to the rendition by your Grandparents.


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