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concertina hard case

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I think I know just you're talking about. I have a small blue one. It has rounded edges and looks like it is made from cycolac. It is light and much smaller than most cases. It doesn't have any padding to speak of- just a faux-velvet lining. It fits nicely into a back pack with other stuff.

Here is the thread with my previous posting, and some pictures. http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=8716.

It's conceivable that if we get enough of us together we could have somebody make us some of these cases.

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Hi David, spot on! thats it. yeah pity nobody's making similiar ones. I'll just have to keep the eye out.

Hi ofearghail7


Search "makeup case" or "train case". I think that's the name. Here's one a member made and modified to fit of a slightly different style:






Samsonite and American Tourister made some too. Here are a few different styles, just for some ideas:





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Leo, you are spot on. I use an American Tourister for my baritone, having ripped out the interior and then replaced it with covered padding. I do put a strap over it in case it unlatches. This is a very sturdy case, and as traveled all the way to Hawaii with me.


I even snagged one out of a garage sale I stumbled upon, just in case I needed a second.



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