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O.k. I blew it. Fortunately I'm new enough here it explains my confusion, but Newbies are the ones precisely inclined to choose the wrong forum. In reading the various descriptions I missed that this is as Ratface so clearly put it:



The confusion is that this is the forum for Questions, Suggestions, Help about the forum, not a forum for Questions, Suggestions, Help about concertina!




If you think that description might help, perhaps it would be worth revising the forum description. Obviously we all want the best responses on postings, so it would be helpful to those of us not used to thinking where a topic fits.





Please also transfer the topic "How to control volume" to the Teaching & Learning Forum. Because I expected this to be about something like a mute that could be added to a concertina, I didn't originally expect that to be the place matching this topic. Then again maybe the General Concertina Discussion may be the better spot if you consider that aspect in addition to the suggestions for how to play with volume control.


LoiS(ure the differences are obvious to long-time members, but not this Newbie)













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We've had very little confusion about the purpose of the Help, Questions subforum over the years so I'm inclined to leave that as is.


As far as I'm concerned, general questions like yours about playing technique are fine in General Discussion. Really, categories could become an endless obsession. You've probably noticed that your dear administrators are not so inclined most of the time!




Edited to add: You didn't blow it, you're a concertina player! They are all correct, by definition!

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